What did Carragher point to? What made Henderson a brave man?

11 Jun

Jamie Carragher identified the turning point that made Jordan Henderson look as courageous as he is now, having dared to argue with Luis Suarez after Henderson. Is going to help "Reds" win the league for the first time in 30 years.

Jamie Carragher, former Liverpool top striker at the English Premier League club, believes Jordan Henderson had a fight with Luis Suarez. Anderson has a habit of not being afraid of anyone until today.

Henderson once told an interview with Carragher that in the past, he had an argument with Suarez in rehearsals before both parties could reconcile and work together smoothly. H is to move away from the "Reds" but Henderson is still with the team to the point of becoming the captain. And is continuously helping the team to succeed

Carragher spoke about Henderson's development while hosting a program with Gary Neville, the former right-back Manchester United, who is his best friend, saying: "About 6 months ago He gave an interview to me And at one point he spoke of a reaction or a little quarrel with Luis Suárez because he thought that some of the actions of some players were almost unacceptable Regardless of whether that player is a genius or not. "

"He has a little quarrel (with Suarez) but it's not a serious argument. They quarrel in a little practice And I think - Yeah, I like this a lot - because at that time Luis Suárez was our best player. He and Stevie Gerrard and Louis were upset from the beat. That he has passed or something like that "

"The courage to stand and argue with other people at that time was only a child aged only 20 or 21 years, it shows his identity very much. And shows how much he has gone through various issues - I don't care anymore. I would argue with the club's best players if they bumped back at me - he showed that personality from the beginning. That comes with the team "

"There is evidence that Brendan Rodgers had tried to let him go to Fulham, which he was very upset about that. He doesn't accept it easily. He fights back and that's his personality. I think that if you have that personality, that personality in you You will receive the reward in the end. His reward is to become the first Liverpool captain in 30 years to win the League Cup. As well as being a Champions League champion "

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